October 1, 2023

Whether you are looking for an all day vape juice or something more fruity, the Banana Mint Breeze is perfect for you. It has a delicious mint flavor that pairs perfectly with grape soda. Then add a hint of peach and vanilla tobacco, and you have a fresh and delicious vape juice that you will be happy to sip all day.

Pomegranate Berry Mint Breeze

Using Pomegranate Berry Mint Breeze in your vaping routine is a surefire way to get a healthy dose of both berries and nicotine without the slap on the wrist. This e-liquid is a high quality beverage and is also available in nicotine free variants. Aside from the aforementioned perks, this bottle is a cinch to refill and has a hefty battery life to boot. This isn’t the only top notch product in the Breeze family of vaping products. Besides the aforementioned Breeze Lite, the company has a handful of other e-liquids to keep your mouth watering. Some of the more exotic flavors include the likes of Banana Mint, Pina Colada and a plethora of berry flavors to keep you and your sweetie happy all day long.

Blueberry Mint with a minty twist

Adding a minty twist to your blueberry lemonade is a wonderful way to create a festive beverage that will have your guests begging for more. This refreshing drink makes a great summer cocktail, and can be served in a variety of ways. You can use a simple syrup, or combine it with fresh mint leaves.

For a traditional recipe, you can mix blueberries and mint with gin. This is a classic summer cocktail that can be easily made at home. It is a refreshing and crisp drink that has a smooth finish. You can add a splash of club soda for a fun, bubbly taste.

If you are looking to add a blueberry mint twist to your favorite lemonade, you can easily make it at home. You can add a touch of sweetener, like coconut sugar, or brown sugar, to make a simple syrup.

Strawberry Banana by Supreme Pandora

Whether you want a refreshing fruit vape or an invigorating e-juice, the Strawberry Banana by Supreme Pandora vape pod will satisfy your tastes. This fruit flavor combines sweet and tangy flavors to create a taste that is rich and creamy. The banana flavor is just a hint of sweetness, but the menthol finish adds an extra layer of flavor that makes this vape one of the best flavors on the market.

For those who like a fruity e-liquid, the Supreme Pandora Peach Berry Ice is just what you’re looking for. This vape pod is bursting with fresh Georgia peaches. This succulent flavor is a delicious combination of juicy fruits and candy goodness. You’ll find that you’ll be savoring the sweet berry after each puff.

Strawberry Peach Mint and Vanilla Tobacco

Using a combination of fruits, herbs, and spices, the aforementioned concoction is as tasty as it is refreshing. Those who are looking for an excuse to stay in the warm weather may find it difficult to resist the lure of this fruity concoction.

In addition to its aforementioned sexy mates, the Blue Raspberry has a smattering of other perks. The aforementioned mashup is just one of many flavors in the Breeze line up. Those seeking a low calorie drink will have a field day with the likes of Banana Mint, Vanilla Tobacco, and Orange Mango Watermelon. Those looking for a hefty price tag may wish to steer clear. A quick perusal of the Breeze website will reveal a plethora of other flavors to please the palate.