December 7, 2023
Bomb Lux Zero Disposable Vape: Where Style Meets Performance

Bomb Lux Zero Disposable Vape is a cigarette-shaped device with a 6.5ml pre-filled pod and delicious e-liquid flavors that offer over 2800 puffs. Check out our collection of 0% nicotine Bomb Lux disposables bundles!

Nicotine is the chemical that creates addictive tendencies in smokers. However, most of the risks and harms of smoking come from the other 5000+ chemicals and carcinogens found in cigarettes.

0% Nicotine

If you are an ex-smoker and want to avoid nicotine, this vapor device is the perfect option for you. It comes with a 6.5ml pre-filled e-liquid tank that provides up to 2800 puffs, and its 1200mAh battery can be used for days without having to recharge it.

This device has a simple and convenient design that allows you to vape anytime, anywhere. Its e-liquid cartridge is pre-filled, and its draw activated firing system produces flavorful vapor. It also features a sturdy exterior that prevents it from damage during travel.

The LUX Zero vapor device is available in 17 flavors, and it has a 6.5ml e-liquid capacity that can last up to two weeks. You can choose from a variety of nicotine strength options, including 0% and 5% nicotine.

6.5ml E-Liquid Capacity

The Bomb LUX Disposable Vape is the perfect device for anyone looking for a hassle-free vaping experience. This disposable vape comes pre-filled with a generous 6.5ml of e-liquid and contains 5% Salt Nicotine for an authentic cigarette-style throat hit.

This portable device features a 1200mAh battery and is activated by drawing on the mouthpiece. It also has a draw-activated firing mechanism that makes it easy to use.

Each vaporizer is pre-filled with top flavors, and has a 6.5ml capacity that will last you for days. The LUX disposable pods contain a precise 5% (50MG) salt nicotine concentration, which ensures you’ll get an accurate cigarette-style throat hit. Each pod offers a sweet blend of fruity flavors, and delivers a rich and satisfying taste to your palate.

Multiple Flavors

Bomb LUX pods come with mouthwatering flavors that are ideal for ex-smokers who want to efficiently manage their nicotine cravings. They also have a 1200mAh battery and a 6.5ml e-liquid tank that lasts for days and offers 2800 puffs. Moreover, these disposables have a draw-activated firing mechanism and are simple to use.

You can choose a 0% nicotine Bomb Lux pod that offers a fresh, smooth flavor or one with salt nicotine for an accurate cigarette-style throat hit. The former is the best choice for ex-smokers who want a flavorful vaping experience without the harmful chemicals in traditional cigarettes.

There are many flavors to choose from, including Strawberry Watermelon with a sweet blend of ripe strawberries and juicy watermelon. You can also try a refreshing mint or menthol blend for a cooling hit.

Long Battery Life

With a 1200mAh battery, each Bomb Lux disposable device offers 2800 puffs of vaping time. They come pre-filled with 6.5ml of e-liquid and contain 50mg/ml (5%) of nicotine. This amount is equivalent to 14 packs of cigarettes and should last the average pack-a-day smoker up to two weeks before it needs replacing.

Bomb Lux disposables are designed for ease of use and feature a draw-activated firing system that is simple to operate. They do not require maintenance and only require a single charge to operate for days on end.

Unlike cigarettes, these devices do not produce secondhand smoke or odor and are safe to use in public. If the LUX blinks when it is empty of vapor or needs a recharge, you should throw it away and replace it with a new one.

Easy to Use

Unlike other types of e-cigarettes, disposable vapes do not require any maintenance or charging. They have a battery and heating element that vaporizes the e-liquid inside them when you inhale.

You can easily activate the device by making a puff and it will automatically fire up. The device has a stylish and sleek design and a compact body that makes it easy to carry.

Using disposable vapes is extremely simple and they are usually very reliable. You can enjoy a month of vaping with a single pod and they are also less expensive than other devices. Most disposables will blink once they run out of e-liquid or battery power and they should be disposed of properly. If yours does not, you may have a malfunctioning device or an incompatible e-liquid.